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Some of life's greatest moments happen when you give into "just five more minutes!"

 You might be exhausted, but you know they want to keep going: digging in the sand, racing the waves or inventing a game where only they know the rules. Waimanus are made for the kid who can never have enough fun.

Hawai'i' knows your kid is onto something. Our days are so packed with adventure, we don't even bother with daylight savings time. That's where the Waimanus come in.

Slow down the clock with the Keiki Waimanu, in turtle, gecko, or sea life.

  • Colorfast graphics
  • Comfortable AVA foam footbed
  • Durable rubber outsole for lasting quality

Kaka’ako In Mind
All of our footwear styles are designed with the casual, eclectic, muralist style of the Kaka’ako district in mind. Nearly every sandal, zori, slipper and shoe are named for a street in Kaka’ako, Honolulu. Walk in Hawai’i wherever you go when you purchase a pair of Kaka’ako Kasuals today!

Measurements in H x L x W:
.5in x 9in x 3in