Kaka'ako Kasuals + EcoPure

We are proud to announce that our slippers are now available with EcoPure!

What is EcoPure? It is an organic additive that enhances the speed of plastic decomposition in landfills. This organic additive is designed to start the plastic biodegrading process only after reacting to the microbes found in landfills.

The Limulua

Introducing the Limulua in navy blue. 

We've created a product that uses algae in place of mined petroleum. Recycled nylon was utilized to reduce waste and created a durable and long lasting to keep things out of landfills


We are proud to associate ourselves with like-minded organizations like Mālama Maunalua and Papahana Kuaola.

If you are interested in partnering with us in a drive, donation or event, please reach out to us at info@kakaakokasuals.com.

Sustainable Packaging

Last year, Kaka'ako Kasuals transitioned to using sustainable packaging to reduce plastic waste.

Our 100% recyclable mailers break down in just 3 months in a commercial composting facility or 6 months in a home compost bin.