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Remember that friend who always dotted her "i’s" with smiley faces?

She was funny and quirky and put her own personal spin on everything you did together … and she always brought out the fun in you. 

That's Emily. She adds the bright-and-happy to any situation, and you're always glad to have her along. Her sweet pineapple design is a traditional expression of welcome ― and this pair is inviting you to have The Best Day Ever.

You can choose from blue, purple or our new favorite, POG … but you know Emily would want you to go for all three.

  • Flexible, airy upper with pineapple cutouts
  • Secure and comfortable fabric thong

Kaka’ako In Mind
All of our footwear styles are designed with the casual, eclectic, muralist style of the Kaka’ako district in mind. Nearly every sandal, zori, slipper and shoe are named for a street in Kaka’ako, Honolulu. Walk in Hawai’i wherever you go when you purchase a pair of Kaka’ako Kasuals today!

Now With EcoPure
We are proud to announce that our slippers are now available with EcoPure! 

What is EcoPure? It is an organic additive that enhances the speed of plastic decomposition in landfills. 

Would my slippers start to fall apart faster? This is the best part! Our EcoPure treated slippers are just as durable as our non-treated slippers. This organic additive is designed to start the plastic biodegrading process only after reacting to the microbes found in landfills.

Measurements taken from women's size 8:
1in x 10in x 3.75in (H x L x W)

Check out our new Emily in POG!