Point Panic Men's Slipper

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Body surf Point Panic right here in Kaka’ako.

Point Panic in Kaka’ako, O’ahu is known for its exposed reef break and a little bit of danger. This bodysurfing area is only for experienced rider.

You don’t have to leave Honolulu to catch some awesome waves. But make sure to get out of the way in time! The sea wall and reef can be unforgiving if you don’t avoid them.

Take a risk with Point Panic Men’s Slipper from Kaka'ako Kasuals.

  • Colorfast graphics by muralist Kate Wadsworth
  • Flexible foam upper and thong strap
  • Generous footbed and rubber sole with traction grip
  • Sand- and surf-resistant materials

    From the artist, Kate Wadsworth:
    "The women's slipper has lots of fun bold colors with pink/yellow sunset hues, while the men’s design is more subdued, with grays, blues, and little pop of red/orange to push the "panic" theme. For the keiki slippers, I took colors from both the men's/women's to make them fun, unisex, as well as cohesive as a whole collection."

    * Point Panic is located at the end of Kewalos Basin and is one of the most revered bodysurfing spots. The ride is super short and into the seawall, where it gets its name “Point Panic”. Riding will result in a “point of panic” if you don’t get out of the way in time. Best time is during the summer from April to September."

    Kaka’ako In Mind
    All of our footwear styles are designed with the casual, eclectic, muralist style of the Kaka’ako district in mind. Nearly every sandal, zori, slipper and shoe are named for a street in Kaka’ako, Honolulu. Walk in Hawai’i wherever you go when you purchase a pair of Kaka’ako Kasuals today!