Slipper Kit - Blue Pen

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*Pens for Slipper Kits are not for individual sale. Pens are only available when sold in kits.

Uncap your imagination with uniball's POSCA PC-5M, the ideal water-based paint marker for customizing or decorating any type of surface. The medium 1.8-2.5mm tip is reversible, always ensuring a clear, precise paint line and beautiful color. The PC-5M marker suits all types of users from artists and creative professionals to hobbyists and decorators to surfers and skaters! Everyday creatives and budding artists use this paint marker for coloring, line drawing and ornamentation on a multitude of surfaces.

Dilute, mix or blend the paint ink to create stunning effects for your indoor and outdoor projects. POSCA paint ink is permanent on porous surfaces and erasable on most smooth non-porous materials. Its ease of use makes this paint marker ideal for beginners to explore their creativity. Available in 39 bright, opaque colors, including fluorescent and metallic, the PC-5M offers the widest variety of paint color options in the POSCA range.